Monday, March 28, 2011

L-R-G 2.0?

After rehearsing and playing L-R-G in Philadelphia for the Ars Nova Workshop gig, Archer Space (Nick Mellivoi + Dan Blacksberg) as well as myself realized how personalized this composition is for the musicians it was originally composed for (Roscoe Mitchell, George Lewis and Wadada Leo Smith).  The piece uses the familiarity of the players and their abilities as improvisers to compose in a free flowing style that is both strict and flexible at the same time.  The difficulty comes from the hyper personalized way in which the music is composed and gets even harder when an outsider tries to decipher the code it was written in.  Because of this, Nick, Dan and I came up with the idea of commissioning Roscoe to compose a piece based on the premise of L-R-G but modeled after our sounds and playing styles.  After I got back to California I met Roscoe for our regular session and brought the idea up to him and was very excited when he got excited!  So now the name of the game is finding money to make this all happen.  So if you find yourself with some extra money...I do take personal checks....

Here is some video from the gig:

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