Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brains 3rd Album 'UNLOADED' coming soon!!

Chris and I are really pumped about this new album.  Even though it's being released 4 months after our 2nd album 'Gristle and Skins'; a year and a half passed between the two recording sessions.

In that time our playing has changed so much both personally and as an ensemble.  In our other albums each track is a kind of self-contained composition where we consciously tried to show our diversity.  However, in this new album we worked on it more as a traditional composition, meaning that we had written music (gasp!) on stands and worked out how the music would flow ahead of time.  I personally feel that this allowed the music to reach a new level due to the fact that we were free to focus on much smaller aspects of the music because the larger structures were worked out prior to the performance.

As usual, the record will be available through edgetone records and will be out the third week of October.

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